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On this page you can instantly share the music you created with MusicToy. Please note that one of the main goals of MusicToy is to encourage others to play, edit and re-share modified versions of your creation. Hence, to share your track, you must agree to renounce any rights over this work and release it into the public domain. To proceed, simply set a title for your track, choose an optional nickname, and click the "Share" button to upload your track to the server and make it available to others online.

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Browse Shared Tracks

On this page you can browse tracks created by other users of MusicToy.

MusicToy Manual

Basic Usage

Click squares in the grid to form a pattern. You can extend your pattern by clicking the "Extend" or "Copy" buttons. The "Extend" button will simply add one bar (16 steps) to your pattern, while "Copy" will copy the last bar of your pattern. To adjust controls (sound synthesis parameters), click the dials, hold the mouse button down, and move your mouse up and down to adjust to the desired value.

Sharing and Browsing

The browsing tab allows you to view creations shared by other users of MusicToy, and the sharing tab allows you to share your own creations online. Sharing a piece will allow other users to view it and edit it. Other users will also be able to share modified versions of your shared creations.

MIDI Support

MIDI support works with the Chrome browser, but does not yet exist in Firefox. MusicToy will automatically connect to input devices when the page is loaded. You can control various values using knobs and faders on a MIDI controller. The controls are mapped based on the default layout of the Novation Launch Control.

MusicToy 2.0 - Online Grid Sequencer and Synthesizer

Creating MusicToy

I wanted to build a music creation tool that is easy to use, accessible and free. MusicToy is a synthesizer and step-sequencer that runs in a browser, meaning you don't even need to download and install any software to use it. Its interface is designed to be minimalistic and simple, so as not to put off beginners. The sharing feature gives you the ability to instantly put your work online. My hope is that this will enable sharing of creative ideas and encourage cooperation between people, producing a positive feedback loop.

The Author

My name is Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert. I am passionate about computers, technology and electronic music. You can reach me via twitter, my handle is @Love2Code.

Support MusicToy

I created MusicToy in my spare time and intend for it to remain free to use. Your support can help pay for server costs and fund the ongoing development of a new, much more capable version of this tool. If you enjoy MusicToy and would like to support its continued development, you can donate via PayPal. Any contribution is welcome.

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